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About me

I am an accredited personal trainer and nutritionist with over 14 years of experience, during which I have always offered sustainable and visible results in the long run. I had the privilege of working with many people, including clients who had dietary restrictions or were unable to perform certain exercises. They all benefited from a personalized nutritional plan along with innovative training that led to the efficiency of the proposed results.

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Individual sessions

Regardless of your goal, with over 14 years of experience and countless transformations, I will get to your goals in the shortest and safest way possible. I will help you to improve your posture, to have a strong heart and a better resistance to effort. You’ll have more mobility and flexibility and a state of well-being. All this, under a continuous guidance for a perfect execution, without the risk of injury and without wasting time with inefficient training.

Personalized nutrition program

The nutrition program is not a "diet", but a dietary plan cleverly designed and aimed at your goal, taking into account your daily activities and your metabolism. Thus, you will lose weight by eating foods that you normally eat, fat deposits will begin to be accessed to be used in energy production and therefore, you will begin to lose weight from the first days. You will feel better and fulfilled seeing that you manage to reach your goals.

Correction of postural deficiencies

In everyday life, you sit more and more on the chair, you feel stiff, your shoulders are bent forward, your back pain is starting to make its presence felt and the postural problems are more and more visible. Workouts to improve posture are personalized and focus on stretching exercises and physical therapy. They will eliminate back pain, correct posture, relax muscles, providing improved joint mobility and flexibility.

Online training live 1:1

Undoubtedly, the training plan and nutrition are the key to progress. That’s why Cornel Moca, with over 14 years of experience, has created the Level Up program, which will fit perfectly on your lifestyle and your medical history, bringing you the desired results in the shortest and healthiest way possible. You will be motivated and each session will be a pleasant challenge that will bring you closer to your goal.

The Level Up 1: 1 program is a dynamic one, composed of functional full-body workouts, based on your natural body movements. This program will improve your stability, posture, joint mobility, muscle flexibility, endurance, relaxation, hormonal regulation and state of well-being.

Professionalism and experience make the difference, so you will execute every move under the strict guidance of specialist Cornel Moca, who will not lose sight of you, will ensure that you perform correctly, that your posture improves, that you prevent injuries and that you breathe correctly. during training.

From the first session you will realize that you are in the right place and that you’re not wasting time with inefficient training.

The package includes


Monthly progress check and adjustment of training and nutrition according to your progress.

* on request, packages can be designed for groups or couples, both online and at the gym.


In everyday life, employees sit more and more on the chair, they are stiff, their shoulders are always bent forward, the back pain is starting to make its presence felt, the work efficiency decreases and the postural problems become visible.

Having all this in mind,  we created the DESK STRETCHES program, specially designed and based on personalized exercises that focus on stretching movements, muscle contractions, muscle relaxation and breathing.

These carefully designed exercises have the role of helping and correcting posture, relaxing muscles, providing joint mobility, muscle flexibility and reduction of pain in the spine, as well as joint pain caused by incorrect positions and sedentary lifestyle.

Invest in the health and well-being of your employees and you will witness extra productivity by increasing work efficiency, especially on a collective level.

One session lasts only 25 minutes and can take place at your company’s headquarters, at lunchtime, being ideal for employees. They will be able to take part in the session and then have lunch, both in just one hour.


* they can be held at the company’s headquarters, at the gym or in any other location, on request, including live online.

Choose the package that represents you

450 RON

Summer body challenge

399 RON

Home Workout

345 ROn

Desk Stretches

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