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5 tips to keep your motivation to work out

It happens to all of us: we want to stick to working out. But we often give up because we are no longer motivated enough.

Precisely because it's a very common problem, I thought I'd give you some tips that work for me and my clients.

However, I would like to mention that what works for me, may not work for everyone and so what I want you to remember is that each of us has to experiment to find out what helps them to stay motivated.

So, the 6 methods that can help you stay motivated to do sports:
Set realistic goals
When discussing goals, it is very important to establish points of your  fitess journey that you can achieve.

Do not aim to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. If you aim to such a goal, the following can happen: you can lose weight fast, but you put all the pounds back on even faster than you lost them (and that's a big risk for you to lose your motivation), or you fail to lose weight and you get frustrated (and you risk once againg to lose your motivation).

If you don't know where to start and can't tell what a realistic goal is, here's where a personal trainer can help you.

Sport does not have to be boring
An aspect of great importance, not only when it comes to sports, but when it comes to any activity in our lives.

Nobody likes to do the same exercises over and over again. That's why, when talking about sports and staying motivated, it's a good idea to make your workouts a fun activity.
To do this you must first find out what types of activities you like.So it's best to explore your options and then alternate the activities you like most. 

For example, I do this when it comes to my workouts, but also my clients' workouts. After the first sessions with them, I realize which are the most suitable types of training for them and I propose different exercises to keep them interested.

And an extra tip that helps me a lot to shoot hard in training - music. Make a playlist of your favorite songs and get to work!

Find a partner for these activities
Many times, we are more driven and active when we train with someone that we know. Such a partnership can help you stay motivated. You may not have the same energy to train at some point, but doing this with someone can make you more responsible and might help you showing up to rok out even when yoy don't feel like it. 

Another person that can make you stick to your goals and showing up every time is a personal trainer. Such a partnership has several benefits, which we have discussed here.

Make sports a habit
Just as you are used to eating, showering, brushing your teeth, so should you get used to doing sports. You do all of the above for yourself and your health, and you should do the same to physical activity — it's something you need all the time in your life to maintain or improve your health.

Celebrate small victories
Let's say a month has passed and you've stuck to your plan. The effects of the work probably have already appeared: improved mood, restful sleep, less back pain, etc. But even if you already receive the reward, it is important for you and your motivation to reward yourself - get new sports equipment, a pair of shoes, even a small dessert.

If you want low-calorie desserts, here are 5 recipes.

Motivation works differently for each of us and no matter how you find, it is maybe even more important to find out how to keep it.

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